The Koita Centre for Digital Health - KCDH set up at IIT Bombay
Driving education, research, and collaboration in Digital Health
  • Driving education,
    research, and collaboration
    in Digital Health

  • Improving health outcomes
    through equitable, data-driven
    health innovations

  • Creating first of its kind
    academic and research programs
    in Digital Health

  • Supporting India’s Digital
    initiatives and
    NDHM roll-out

Welcome to Koita Centre for Digital Health (KCDH)

The Koita Centre for Digital Health (KCDH) set up at IIT Bombay, is the first of its kind in India, focused on driving academic programs, research, and industry collaborations in Digital Health.

Improving the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare is one of the world’s biggest priorities. Digital Health has a profound impact on the quality of care and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Consequently, there is substantial focus globally on enhancing Digital Health and Informatics. In India too, the launch of the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) in 2020 is driving Digital Health adoption at a national scale.


Message from Director, IIT B

The centre will enable an ecosystem that can help address the healthcare challenges that have been so glaringly exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital Health and Informatics need cross-functional expertise. At KCDH, we hope to enable seamless cross-functionality across these streams. This new initiative opens up exciting opportunities for our graduates, including spearheading research, launching startups, and much more.

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri
Director, IIT Bombay.
June 2021

KCDH Academics

M. Tech Program - Healthcare Informatics
M. Tech Program
- Healthcare Informatics
(coming soon)
PhD Program - Healthcare Informatics
PhD Program
- Healthcare Informatics
(coming soon)

KCDH Research

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Launch of Centre for Digital Health, IIT-B

Koita Centre for Digital Health' (KCDH) set up with a generous contribution received from its alumni Rekha and Rizwan Koita, under the aegis of the Koita Foundation.



KCDH is establishing partnerships with healthcare organizations (Digital Health Partners) to foster research and innovation in digital health, and access clinical expertise and data. These DHP partnerships are critical for KCDH to create rich research and academic opportunities in Digital Health.

Partnership opportunities for:
  • Hospital and Healthcare Providers
  • HealthTech Organizations
  • Government (State and Central)